The Distribution Division of Tempo Scan Group provides sales and channel management, inventory and logistics management as well as distribution services of consumer health, pharmaceutical, consumer and cosmetic consumer products. Our service coverage spreads throughout the nation through 48 branches, 11 sales offices, 173 sales points and 4 Distribution Centers as well as 2 E-Commerce & Cosmetics Fulfillment Services. This division directly serves more than 90,000 off-line outlets/customers, including pharma trade, modern trade and general trade channels spread across more than 4,900 sub-districts. Apart from that, it also serves consumers from e-Commerce channels.

This division continues strengthening its capacity and capability in the areas of human resources, warehouse capacity, delivery fleets, and information technology. It is noteworthy that in 2018 we successfully implemented Cloud based Distribution Requirement Planning (“DRP”) system under SAP Integrated Business Planning (“IBP”) optimization platform.


This division provides sales force management and carries out sales in all trade segments, namely Pharma Trade channels including pharmacies, drug stores, hospitals, government and non-government institutions; Modern Trade channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, national key accounts and independent local accounts; General Trade channels which include wholesale and retail outlets, and Super Pareto Outlet. Our sales force groups are specifically dedicated to each segment, in order to provide optimal service and reach. Apart from being supported by a reliable sales force, this division has also been strengthened by the TEMPO DIRECT order system application to make it easier for customers to submit orders independently and at any time, anywhere.


With warehouse infrastructure strategically located in major cities across Indonesia and advanced information technology systems, we offer the following services:

  • Logistics management and operations (warehousing, distribution centers)
  • Inventory management
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment Service (ECFS)
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Various other logistics services, including reverse logistics, buffer storage management, and more


We have transportation services management serving hundreds of routes of shipment throughout Indonesia. It is grouped into three lines of business, namely line haul, retail, and last mile. The line haul service covers shipments from Plants, to or between Distribution Center (“DC”), to Fulfilment Centres and to Branches. The retail service covers shipments from branch to outlet of cosmetic parcels, ethical parcels ONS and regular, and POS material. The last mile service includes delivery from ECFS or Sorting Center (SC) to customers. All types of the transportation services are performed by land, sea and air transportation modes.

Equipped with facilities such as Road Transport Management, Milkrun Service, Fleet Management, Vendor Management, 24 hours fleet tracking and Control Tower which monitore every delivery automatically, real time and accurately. We also have a complete range of trucks such as wing box, full box, trailer, CDD, and CDE, and Blind Van and cooperate with many competent external transportation providers.


With the development of online business/e-commerce, this division has already prepared both the physical infrastructure (fulfillment service facility) and an integrated technology system to provide e-commerce logistics services, which is called E-Commerce Fulfillment Service (EFS). The services provided by E-Commerce Fulfillment Service (EFS) include among others:

  • Fulfillment facility, which is warehousing system with the capability to handle online transactions (e-Commerce)
  • Direct shipment to customers


Tempo Scan Group has been operating the SAP system since 2003. The implemented modules include Sales Distribution, Material Management, Barcode-enabled Warehouse Management, Finance and Controlling, and Business Warehouse. In addition, Tempo Scan Group possesses other IT capabilities, such as:

  • Tempo Direct
  • Tempo Scan - Integrated Mobile Delivery System, TiMDES
  • Tempo Scan - Integrated Warehouse Management System, TiMWAS
  • Tempo Scan - Integrated Vendor Management System, Tivems
  • Distribution Resource Planning – SAP
  • Warehouse Management System – SAP


Supported by an integrated system, our distribution infrastructure spreads throughout the nation.



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