Through the Program Indonesia Tersenyum, Tempo Scan participates in realizing a nourished and healthy generation, for a prosperous future of the nation.


Realizing that the support given by Indonesian people plays an important role in the development and progress of the Company, PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk ("Tempo Scan") has always held the basic values that has raised the Company for more than 60 years, which is the basic value of "Responsibility" that has been created through the establishment of the Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") Center in 2011.

Program Sosial Indonesia Tersenyum ("Program Indonesia Tersenyum") that has been announced since 2007 is the realization of Tempo Scan’s CSR activities that is still continuing until now. The establishment of Program Indonesia Tersenyum was initially based on Tempo Scan’s noble purpose as the private national company that has been continuing its business since 3 November 1953, which is through a great Vision to realize the "Bright Side of Life of Indonesian Nation". Program Indonesia Tersenyum is the concrete realization of sincere Love and Affection from Tempo Scan to Indonesian people.

At its first establishment, Program Indonesia Tersenyum has its mission to provide medical assistance to families with low social economic backgrounds whose children are born with congenital abnormalities in their organs or limbs that are directly or indirectly affecting their future.

Ten years have passed and the condition has also changed. During that period of time, Program Indonesia Tersenyum has provided medical assistance including large-scale of approximately 3,000 medical treatments for children from thoses families with low social and economic backgrounds throughout Indonesia, regardless of their ethnic groups, religions, races and group differences.

As the situation is changing, where there is better implementation of the National Social Security System (SJSN) specifically in the field of Health Security that has been implemented by the Government, therefore Tempo Scan deemed it necessary to reposition the Mission of Program Indonesia Tersenyum.

The Mission of Program Indonesia Tersenyum that has been repositioned remains with the vision of the said program, i.e. to realize Bright Side of Life of Indonesian Nation with activities to provide good nutrition and intensify Clean and Healthy Behaviour/Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat (PBHS) to the families with low social economic backgrounds whose children are under nutritious in order to grow optimally and become the nation’s next generation.

Tempo Scan believes that improvements in nutrition can help Indonesian Children to achieve their goals, therefore Program Indonesia Tersenyum is expected to support the equal opportunities for Indonesian children or Democratization of Indonesian Children Opportunities.

Equal opportunity for Indonesian Children of the families with low social and economic backgrounds is aligned with Tempo Scan core values, one of which is "Equal Opportunities" whereby the company never discriminate its employees based on their social, ethnic, religion and racial background, therefore all employees have equal opportunities to grow and have career in the company based on their own hard works and competencies.

Through the activities of Program Indonesia Tersenyum, Tempo Scan has supported 8.781 children aged one to five year old from 8,430 families in Serang, Subang, Bogor, Sukabumi, and Karawang areas. Total 744,930 glasess of of vidoran Xmart milk, 7,217 bottles of My Baby minyak telon plus,17,614 My Baby bar soaps, and 17,614 bottles of vidoran Smart vitamin syrup have been distributed.

Activities of Program Indonesia Tersenyum: www.indonesiatersenyum.org