Through the Program Indonesia Tersenyum, Tempo Scan participates in realizing a nourished and healthy generation, for a prosperous future of the nation.


As a manifestation of one of the core values that has raised the Company for more than 65 years namely “Responsibility”, PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (“Tempo Scan”) has transpired it through the establishment of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Center in 2011.

At the beginning Program Sosial Indonesia Tersenyum (“Program Indonesia Tesenyum”) was initiated in 2007 as a manifestation of Tempo Scan’s CSR activities.

Program Indonesia Tersenyum has its mission to provide medical assistance to families with low social economic background whose children or toddlers were born with congenital abnormalities in their organs or limbs that directly or indirectly affect their future.

In line with the Government’s improved implementation of the National Social Security System (Sistem Jaminan Sosial Nasional/SJSN), especially in the field of Health Security, Tempo Scan deemed it necessary to make a reposition of the mission of Program Indonesia Tersenyum. The reposition, however, keeps the same vision of the program which is to realize the Bright Side of Life of Indonesian Nation by providing good nutrition and promoting Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat/PHBS) to the families with low social economic background whose children suffer from malnutrition in order to grow optimally and become the nation’s next generation.

Nutrition has a significant role in a child’s growth and development process. Malnutrition at early childhood will affect a child’s growth & development, which will ultimately lead to the degradation of quality of human resources of a nation. In such case there are indeed many underlying factors, among others the lack of access to information on balanced nutrition as well as family income factor, so that the parents are not able to provide appropriate nutritional intakes for their children.

Called for this matter, Tempo Scan who has been working wholeheartedly for Indonesia presents the “Wujudkan Generasi Indonesia Bergizi dan Sehat” Program. This program is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity from Tempo Scan, intended to cover children aged 1 and above with under nutrition condition or from low social economic families, which continuously providing additional nutrition to these children over a period of three months. In addition, giving education to the children’s parents regarding balanced nutrition and Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) including the prevention of diseases such as dengue.

The “Wujudkan Generasi Indonesia Bergizi dan Sehat” Program is a form of Tempo Scan’s social responsibility to Indonesian people which has been implemented since 2017. Tempo Scan would like to invite all Indonesian society to participate in transpiring equal opportunities for Indonesian children to access appropriate nutrition and therefore realizing a Well-Nourished and Healthy Indonesian Generation.

The “Wujudkan Generasi Indonesia Bergizi dan Sehat” Program has reached 5 districts in West Java and Banten Provinces, and encompassed 172 maternal and child health service posts (Posyandu) in 8 sub-districts providing assistance to 8,781 children.

Activities of Program Indonesia Tersenyum: www.indonesiatersenyum.org