Through the Program Indonesia Tersenyum, Tempo Scan participates in realizing a nourished and healthy generation, for a prosperous future of the nation.


As a manifestation of one of the core values that has raised the Company for more than 66 years namely “Responsibility”, PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (“Tempo Scan”) has transpired it through the establishment of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Center since 2011.

At the beginning Program Sosial Indonesia Tersenyum (“Program Indonesia Tersenyum”) was initiated in 2007 as a manifestation of Tempo Scan’s CSR activities with mission to provide medical assistance to families with low social economic background whose children or toddlers were born with congenital abnormalities in their organs or limbs that directly or indirectly affect their future.

Since 2017 Tempo Scan CSR “Program Indonesia Tersenyum” has been repositioned to become Program of “Realizing a Well-Nourished and Healthy Generation of Indonesia” which has been started in West Java and Banten. In 2019, the aforesaid Program expanded its coverage area to reach 34 sub-districts in Klaten Regency, Central Java and 13 sub-districts in Surabaya City, East Java by providing assistance to around 100,000 children above 1 year old with a malnourished condition and belonged to low economic or poor families, through the giving of additional nutrition to those children sustainably in a 3-month period. While the parents of the children were given education on balanced nutrition and Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS), including how to prevent diseases such as dengue fever.

In addition, the Program of “Realizing a Well-Nourished and Healthy Generation of Indonesia” has also given an assistance of additional nutrition to arround 425,000 children in the areas of Jabodetabek, Central Java, Batam, Palu, and Papua and additional iron nutrition to women of childbearing age in Klaten Regency.

Nutrition has an extremely important role in children’s growth and development process. Early childhood malnutrition will affect on children’s growth, which in turn may degrade the human resources quality of a nation. In such cases there are indeed many background factors, one of which is the lack of access to information on balanced nutrition, as well as the family income, hence parents cannot provide adequate nutrition for their children.

Tempo Scan invites all parties of the Indonesian society to participate in realizing the equality of opportunity for Indonesian children to obtain sufficient nutrition, so that we can achieve a well-nourished and healthy generation of Indonesia.

Activities of Program Indonesia Tersenyum: www.indonesiatersenyum.org