On November 3rd, Tempo celebrated its 70th anniversary, as TDN also celebrated its 7th anniversary. Tempo Digital Nusantara (TDN), the business unit overseeing all online sales of Tempo Scan products, also celebrated its 7th anniversary. As part of this series of birthday celebrations, TDN officially launched the mobile application, Tempo Scan Home Delivery (TSHD).

TSHD is an e-commerce application for Tempo Scan's products, allowing consumers to order products they need for direct delivery to their doorstep while also offering a variety of exclusive promotions not available on other shopping platforms. The birth of TSHD is a result of the development and adaptation to the increasing trend of online shopping in Indonesia, where 80% of internet users in Indonesia use smartphones.

During his opening speech, Handojo S. Muljadi, President Commissioner and Founder of Tempo Scan Group, stated that at the age of 70, Tempo Scan Group can build the Next Frontier. This means that the best talents of Tempo Scan Group must be able to create various new innovations and creativity.

At the same time, Herman Halim, Managing Director of TDN, expressed the hope that the presence of the TSHD Mobile app would bring more benefits to consumers and the company. "Consumers will have an easier shopping experience and competitive prices, while the company can achieve ideal marketing, gain loyal customers, and respond more quickly compared to using third-party apps."

The launch event, held from November 1 to 3, 2023, at the Tempo Scan Tower lobby in Jakarta, featured a bazaar of Tempo Scan products that can be ordered directly through the TSHD Mobile App, allowing users to experience a better User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Buyers also received various attractive promotions, including discounts, shopping vouchers, and direct gifts. The event also featured various prize games, group sports activities, and makeup demonstrations during the event.

7 Years of Tempo Digital Nusantara: Continuing to Innovate According to the Times

The journey of TDN leading up to the launch of the TSHD application was not a short one. At its inception in 2016, TDN focused on introducing Tempo Scan products through Tempo Store Official to various e-commerce platforms such as Blibli (2016), Lazada (2017), Shopee (2018), and Tokopedia (2018). Subsequently, TDN received sales services from 16 e-commerce platforms through the dropshipping system, often referred to as E-retail (2019). It launched TSHD in a chat-based format during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as developed and extended the operational time of the TDN warehouse (2020).

Currently, the TDN warehouse facility located in Cawang covers an area of 3,962 square meters and can accommodate 2,558 pallet positions, divided into:

  1. 1,542 pallet positions for the cool room
  2. 1,016 pallet positions for ambient products
  3. 3 lines, 6 rows, with a total of 72 packing stations, which will be expanded with an additional 36 packing stations

With these facilities, by October 2023, the TDN warehouse had already processed more than 180,000 transactions in a single month, averaging over 2,500 per day, and serving 49,000 transactions per day during the 10.10 Harbolnas event. It is estimated that by the end of this year, TDN will reach 1,350,000 transactions for the year 2023.

In August 2021, TSHD transitioned from being chat-based to a website-based platform with the domain In August 2022, TSHD introduced another flagship product called TRD (Tempo Retail Development), where, together with PTT, TDN assists SMEs struggling to access OTC TSG products, which are highly needed by the lower to middle-class population.

Most recently, in November 2023, TDN through TSHD introduced a new product, namely Mobile apps for IOS and Android which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store & App Store so that they meet quality, security & comfort standards for its users. The presence of the TSHD app is expected to empower Tempo Scan Group's products to face the increasingly competitive digital market.