As a counter to the increasingly vast and dynamic market competition, a company is always challenged to keep improving itself in order to stay relevant to the condition. Aside from increasing operational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk, especially under the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group (PMG), fully realizes the importance of Occupational Safety and Health Management (K3). To create a safe, convenient and productive workplace, the entire PMG management has the commitment to comprehensively apply K3 Management System (SMK3). For the past few years, under the auspices of the Consulting Committee of Occupational Safety and Health, and Environment (P2K3L) and Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Department, PMG had been making improvements on the management of K3 until when PMG management decided to conduct SMK3 Audit in 2020 in order to obtain verification and acknowledgement for the K3 implementation that had already been put into effect.

The gradual process of SMK3 auditing by PMG started off with PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk, in October 2020 with the result of 93.37% Audit Score, earning a Satisfactory Predicate and a Golden Flag. Then, in September 2021 PT Supra Ferbindo Farma achieved an Audit Score of 94.57% and followed by PT Tempo Natural Products that achieved 95.78% in October 2021, also awarded with a Satisfactory Predicate and a Golden Flag. This has been the highest achievement in SMK3 Audit in compliance with the Government Regulation No. 50 year 2012.

For this success, Indonesian Workforce Ministry invited representatives of Tempo Scan Management to attend the K3 Award Ceremony 2022 on 24 May 2022 in Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta. In the event, PMG Management was represented by Siti Maryam as Deputy MOD of PMG, Tempo Scan. This achievement was only made possible due to the excellent collaboration between departments, and the involvement of and the commitment from the management. Despite Covid-19 pandemic raging in our country, the company stays committed in its effort to make continuous improvement for sustaining the current achievements.