Jakarta, 17 April 2020

Tempo Scan Group (TSG) has continued giving the donation of TSG CSR COVID-19 to two COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta in the forms of health care products and Personal Protective Equipment (APD) for medical workers worth Rp 537 million.

Taking place in RSPI Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso, Cisca Dewijani as the Marketing Director (Ethical Products) of PT Tempo Scan Pacific, Tbk gave the TSG CSR donation to Tiur, Secretary of COVID-19 Working Unit of RSPI Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso. Meanwhile, in RSUP Persahabatan the TSG CSR donation was given by Josep Ismanto as the Operation Director (Distribution) of PT Tempo to drg. Rani Dwiharjanti, MKM, Head of Donation Center of RSUP Persahabatan.

The said donation is a part of Tempo Scan Group CSR donation for COVID-19 pandemic relief amounted to a total of Rp 17.5 billion, as announced in the TSG Press Release dated 31 March 2020. The amount is an accumulation of TSG CSR funds added with voluntary donation from the TSG Big Family consisting of Board of Directors, management, and all employees.

The donation is in the forms of Personal Protective Equipment (APD), provided to the Indonesian Medical Workers, and products of medicines, vitamins, beverages, children milk, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, soaps, floor cleaners, and others, for helping the Indonesian community in need that is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To date the donation amounted to Rp 11.5 billion has been distributed to several channels including related Government Institutions (BNPB, PMI), Social Institutions and Activists (dr. Tirta, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Foundation, Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation, and Human Initiative), as well as COVID-19 referral hospitals of Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso and RSUP Persahabatan.

The distribution of this donation has been realized since 3 April 2020 and shall be continued until completed by May 2020. This is an implementation of Tempo Scan’s core values of "Responsibility" & "Usefulness" toward the society, and in accordance with the company’s motto of Working Wholeheartedly for Indonesia. TSG hopes that this effort may help Indonesia optimally overcome COVID-19 pandemic so that the people and the country can return to normal condition.