Jakarta, 20 September 2022 – One of the latest development in learning innovations in this era is called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This method is identified as a learning system that combines 4 academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that focused on learning process which explores two or more academic fields involving Alpha Generation as active students in problem solving context in the real world.

Samanta Elsener M.Psi., a Child Psychologist who attended the launching event of Tempo Scan’s Biostime Milk, explained that Alpha Generation children born from 2010, were living in the midst of rapid technological growth. Alpha Generation children tend to be more technology savvy, self-sufficient, solitary and lack of physical activities that can cause high risk of sedentarism. Most common issues that generally found amongst Alpha Generation children are sensory processing disorder, such as lack of focus, gadget addiction and lack of social skills. Samanta encouraged parents, especially moms whose children living in this technology and digital era to be able to balance their situation with an open-minded attitude and not sticking to so called old school way of thinking. It is paramount for Moms to guide these children’s development. “Try to adapt and be familiar with the cyberspace. Not only correct parenting method is important, but a right stimulation will also be needed for their optimum development. Parent have to be fully presented in accompanying their children especially for their emotional growth, conduct positive interactions to sustain bonding and creatively develop parenting innovation. The better parents implementing these methods, the easier for children to adapt with technology, so that Alpha Generation children can easily adapt to become Advanced Generation.” Samanta said.

Moreover, application of good and balance nutrition for these Alpha Generation must become our sole focus to fulfil their brain development and cognitive needs that live alongside with technology. dr. Diana Felicia Suganda, a nutritionist explained, “Our concern on children’s digestive system should be a fundamental matter.” said dr. Diana.

She added, “Digestive system will be healthy if we support the needs for macro or micro nutrition, as well as enough amounts of Prebiotics. A healthy digestion will result in a strong immune system. Additionaly, with nutrition for intelligence such as Cod Liver Oil, DHA, LA, ALA, are good for their cognitive sides,” said dr. Diana.

On Tuesday (20/9), PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk launched the latest infant formula, follow-on and growing up premium milk, ‘Biostime’, as a token of support for Indonesian children to fulfil their Alpha Generation nutrition needs that always in line with technological development. Biostime with BioShield A+ formula is a complete formula that contains Digestive A+, Immune A+ and Smart A+.

Waty as the Deputy Managing Director Brand Portfolio & Communication Healthcare of PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk explained, “Tempo Scan has more than 40 years of experience in children multivitamins and has started entering children’s nutritional drinks for the past 10 years. In its development, we continue to innovate by observing the development of each generation of children. We realized that children who were born in 2010 onwards or whom also called Alpha Generation, already familiar with advanced technology since birth. Everything are related to digital technology. With advanced technology, we prepare Alpha Generation children by providing the best nutrition called BioShield A+ formula containing best quality ingredients from New Zealand and Australia,“ she further said.

“Equipped with BioShield A+ Formula which is Digestive A+, Immune A+, Smart A+ and other premium ingredients, Biostime is designed to support parents in delivering their Alpha Generation children to become Advanced Generation,” said Waty.

Digestive A+ with highest FOS Inulin in its class supports healthy digestion as good basic fundamental. Immune A+ with High Vit C, D3, E, Zinc for strong immunity and Smart A+ with Cod Liver Oil, High DHA, LA dan ALA to support cognitive development. With healthy digestive system and other nutrition absorption from best quality ingredients, Alpha Generation can grow healthy, has strong immunity and ready to learn, to think and has optimum growth and also ready to face future challenges,” Waty ended.

Yuanita Christiani, an actress and mother of Alpha Generation who attended Biostime launching, shared her happiness for the launch of Biostime as a complete nutrition that supports Alpha Generation children to overcome current challenges. “Biostime presence will surely help parents of Alpha Generation to complete their children nutrition. BioShield A+ formula is a formula needed by moms nowadays in facing all advanced challenges, wherein, especially in the future our Alpha Generation children will grow alongside technological development that needs to be mastered. In addition, nutrition ingredients in this Biostime also support healthy digestive and body immune systems with Digestive A+ dan Immune A+. Biostime is also complemented with Smart A+ to support children’s multiple intelligence. Therefore, Biostime is very beneficial for moms in complementing Alpha Generation children’s nutrition,” Yuanita explained.

About Biostime

Biostime is an infant and follow on formulated milk (Biostime Baby 0-6 bulan and Biostime Baby 6-12 bulan) and growing up milk (Biostime 1+ and Biostime 3+) owned by a national private business group named Tempo Scan group with one of its subsidiary companies PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk. Biostime contains BioShield A+ formula with Digestive A+ with highest FOS Inulin in its class for healthy digestion, Immune A+ with High Vitamin C, D3, E, Zinc for strong immune system and Smart A+ with Cod Liver Oil, High DHA, LA and ALA to grow and become smart. Healthy digestive system supports nutrients absorption, so children can have strong immune system, become smart and get optimum development. Biostime made from selected high quality ingredients from New Zealand and Australia. With BioShield A+ formula and their premium ingredients, will bring the best quality milk for children to be Advanced Generation who are ready to face future challenges.

About PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk

Tempo Scan Group is a national private business group that has more than 30 companies including PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk as one of the subsidiary companies of Tempo Scan Group, which established on November 3rd, 1953 and operates in several core businesses which are manufacturing & marketing of Pharmaceutical, Nutritionals, Consumer and Cosmetic Products and also Logistic & Distribution services.