Join the Tempo Scan family where we embrace equality, transparency, fairness, integrity and team spirit.


On behalf of PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk and its subsidiaries (Tempo Scan), I wish to welcome you to the Tempo Scan world where you can learn regarding our emphasis toward our human capital development, as we believe that Tempo Scan’s employees are its most important assets. And through their hard work and dedication, Tempo Scan has been able to grow its businesses in the last 70 years since 1953, and there are not too many companies that are able to replicate the success of Tempo Scan.

Furthermore, Tempo Scan is presently at a juncture where it must carefully plan its next journey to become a 100 years old company and such a plan requires its endeavour to garner the commitment from all of its employees “To Work Wholeheartedly both for the company and for Indonesia”, without such commitment then we will miss a crucial element that form its “3C” s Human Capital characters i.e.: Commitment, Capability and Creativity.

We treasure our core values which included Trustworthiness, Equality, Responsibility, Usefulness and Hard Work, such core values are our guiding principles for Tempo Scan’s business conduct and its long term strategy, for example:

  1. We believe in Equality and such value transpires how we treat our employees equally and not to discriminate against their culture, religion and race, as we truly believe that all human beings are created equally, hence they should all have equal opportunities to be successful in our organization;
  2. We are guided by core values of Responsibility and Usefulness when we invent and develop our products, because such products must fulfil the consumers need and be useful to them. These products must be produced whenever possible by our factories to ensure that such products quality be delivered. Furthermore, whenever viable these products be distributed under the care of our distribution network;
  3. Moreover, all of our employees must immerse themselves in our fundamental core values of Truthfulness and Hard Work as such values are the prerequisite of a reliable Human Capital formation.

I invite all professionals and millennials to explore our companies available career opportunities and to take part in this great company journey from its 70th anniversary to its upcoming 100th anniversary, let us Work Wholeheartedly together with Tempo Scan Group for a better Indonesia in the future.